Hello, my name is Leslie Nut-Komlah. I’m a first-year student in the Davidson College class of 2021. This website was created to an accessible portfolio of all my work during my two semesters in Humanities 103-104. Throughout this course we have

  • to understand and appreciate a wide array of humanistic texts, including things like music, novels, paintings, poetry, films, theater, sculptures, buildings, and digital media;
  • to observe patterns and create compelling connections between seemingly disparate texts;
  • to recognize and articulate observations about change through time—of social structures; cultural production; values, attitudes, or beliefs; and other examples of human creative and imaginative work;
  • to read texts (of all sorts) closely and critically for analytic and rhetorical purposes.
  • to make fair and effective use of the work of others.
  • to draft and revise arguments.
  • to draw upon multimodal and archival resources (visual, auditory, textual, digital) to serve specific rhetorical goals.
  • to speak and write with precision and persuasion;
  • to read more carefully and critically;
  • to use our minds with discipline and creativity;
  • to work both individually and collaboratively in ways that demonstrate both leadership for others in the course and service to others in the course.

I believe the work within the rest of this website will display my engagement in the course and my determination of achieving the goals listed above. However, this was not possible on my own. I had many of my peers and faculty who would stimulate my curiosity, critique my writing, and inspire innovative ideas. Specifically, I would like to acknowledge Dr. Randy Ingram and Dr. Burkhard Henke for facilitating my discussion sections and for always providing me with constructive critiques that always improve my writing. I would also to thank my peers for brainstorming ideas with me and collaborating on portfolio pieces. I would like to thank the Humanities program for granting me experiences completely foreign to me, such as Revolutionary War sites in South Carolina or the Charlotte Ballet. Finally, I would like to thank my mother for always being my ray of sunlight.
My Portfolio contains:

  1. My working definition of revolution
  2. My working definition of the humanities
  3. My polished revision of two projects throughout the year
  4. My Research Paper
  5. three new, original pieces using various mediums

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